About Us

Children smile 400 times a day on average … adults 15 times.
Children laugh 150 times a day … adults 6 times per day.
children play between 4-6 hours a day … adult only 20 minutes a day.
What happend? “

-Robert holden (from ‘Living wonderfully’ ) ~

 Budznbrainz day-care centre is a plush haven for working parents to leave their child  whilst they are at work. Expert and loving care-givers take care of children before and after school hours. Delightful snacks and meals and a peaceful snooze is part of the programme. After school hours children are engaged in different activities such as dance, yoga and drawing. A multi-media room is especially designed for the day-care kids to watch documentaries and appreciate world music and cinema.

We believe that learning should foster intrigue and interest during the critical phase of a child’s life. Above all, it should be fun-filled and delivered to unleash the child’s unique personality. By nurturing them as individuals, we enhance their exclusive talents and raise their confidence and interest in the process of learning. We also instill the values of appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.

At this stage, children should have a positive outlook and possess high level of confidence. We believe in preparing for the future. So we aim at total personality development, leadership skills and emotional growth of the child. We do so by harnessing the five basic skills of language, physical, emotional, social and intellectual; leading to positive attitudes and critical thinking.