Monthly Archives: August 2014

For Toddler

Curiosity, investigation and discovery are the prime motivators behind a toddler’s learning. Budsnbrainz Toddlers’ Program will place your child in the hands of energetic and caring teachers who will encourage and gently guide them through the process of exploration and discovery. Your toddler’s day will be filled with a plethora of activities that are planned to promote the growth of cognitive, literary, logical and

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Play School

Budsnbrainz Play School program helps bridge the transition between elementary knowledge attained during the Toddlers’ program and advanced learning abilities. The program’s focus is on building  language ability, logical reasoning numeric ability and scientific thought. Children are divided into small, differentiated groups based on learning abilities while the focus is on promoting accelerated learning. At Budsnbrainz, the learning ecosystem is divided into different learning

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Day Care

A great relief for working mothers! Day care facility is provided to children who are above 4 years. This facility is available from 12 noon to 6.30 pm. We provide both for Monthly as well as on a per Day basis, as we do understand our world. Our Day Care offers a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our little ones. Our Day Care

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